The most popular gambling books that are a must-read

Why should you read gambling books? Well, it’s said that reading is food for your soul. Reading brings joy and knowledge. So if you’re reading something, you might as well read something that will help you improve in gambling and make your next online casino experience more enjoyable.

Read and practice a lot, and you will get good enough to experiment and discover your own betting systems and find new ways to beat the casinos. So, here are 5 of the most popular gambling books you need to read.

The most popular gambling books that are a must-read

1. Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

This book borders on being a full-fledged encyclopedia that any avid gambler would love to have. It an exceptional book for beginners who are looking for a comprehensive guide to casino gambling.

It’s written by John Scarne, who was a star in the history of gambling. Being a gambling pro, he shared his insights and knowledge with others through this book. It consists of everything from the history and rules of all the popular casino games to gambling math and even some slick cheating tips. It also has many anecdotes from real and fictional events that make it a fun and easy read.

2. The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King by Michael Craig

Have you wondered what goes through the mind of a high-stakes gambler? The game of poker is one of the most difficult yet exciting casino games. In his book The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King, Michael Craig opens a window into the thrilling world of high stakes Poker and the characters that run the show.

The novel is set in the casino capital of the world — Las Vegas, and follows the events around the highest stake Poker game ever played. Going through the story, you’ll come across some of the best professional Poker players who’ve set foot in Vegas casinos, one of them being the banking and real estate guru Andrew Beal.

3. The Smart Money by Michael Konik

The US sports betting market is growing almost exponentially. As more and more states make it legal, we are seeing that it’s not only creating more revenue on its own but promoting live casinos along as well. The Smart Money is a great first step if you’re thinking of trying your hand at sports betting.

Michael Konik is a professional journalist and has made millions wagering on sports and beating the bookies. This book delves into the story of how his life changed when he met Rick Mathew, a man known as the top sports bettor in the world. He went on to join a big-money gambling group called ‘The Brain Trust’ where everything is possible and all limits are breakable.

4. Gambling 102 by Mike Shackleford

If the title doesn’t make it clear enough, this book covers gambling strategies for all casino games. In this 19-chapter book, Mike Shackleford sums up the result of his experiences gathered through an entire year spent at various casinos.

He combines these insights with mathematical calculations and computer modeling to make a solid case for his strategies. If you believe in the power of mathematics in gambling, you’ll love this book.

5. Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game by Peter Svoboda

This book does more than just provide in-depth knowledge of all things gambling; it looks cool as well. It makes for an ideal gambling present, thanks to its glossy pages and colorful illustrations.

However, Peter Svoboda’s book is mainly aimed at amateurs. It acts as the perfect starting point by providing all the basic information and important aspects of table and card games. It takes its time explaining the basics of every game but keeps the explanations simple. The book, thus, makes learning for amateurs very easy and fun.


Name: The most popular gambling books that are a must-read
Author: Charles Richter
Published Date: 23/08/2019
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