How is Whittaker different from Labouchere betting system

Whittaker betting system is yet another betting system that has become popular among Roulette players. It’s mostly used at even money Roulette bets; however, you can also use it for other bets. The system somewhat resembles the Labouchere, but there is one main difference in this one. If you remember, the Labouchere betting system was advising you to bet a total of the first and the last number on the list.

Whittaker betting system takes a slightly different approach. The player is advised to bet based on how he does – if he’s winning, it’s advised to keep betting the same amount. On the other hand, if there’s a loss produced, Whittaker betting system advises betting a sum of the last two losses.

How is Whittaker different from Labouchere betting system

Let’s see an example

For the sake of this example, let’s assume you’ve just deposited $500 at a new live casino and are looking to play Roulette. You figure out that 1 stake unit will represent $10.

 So following Whittaker’s strategy, you start to play by betting on even money bet – red colour.

  • You bet $10 and lose
  • You have to bet $10 again – you lose again
  • As you’ve lost two times in a row, your next bet is a sum of two previous bets – $20. You lose again!
  • You bet $30 and lose again – losing 4 times in a row can and will happen in real life too!
  • You bet a sum of the two previous bets – $50 and you win!
  • You start the whole sequence again and bet 1 unit – $10

  Whittaker betting system – Explained

The Whittaker betting system is another system that is best used on even chance bets. It’s a similar system to the Labouchere because both of them obtain the next betting amount by looking at previous bets. It’s also very similar to the Fibonacci. I think it’s fair to say that this system is pretty much identical to the Fibonacci.

With the Whittaker, you wait until you’ve had two losses in a row and then you add those two losses together to give yourself the next betting amount. So you would start by betting £1 and you would keep betting this amount over and over until you get two losses in a row. Assuming you start with £1, your progression would look like this as the losses add up.

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89

What we’re going to do on this page is continue talking about the Whittaker/Fibonacci but with our examples, we’re going to assume that you’re betting £3 a time to give some variety and to help you understand exactly how it works. To start with, this is what your betting line would look like as the losses add up:

3 – 3 – 6 – 9 – 15 – 24 – 39 – 63 – 102

Here is a very simple example of how this system would work if you started with a £3 bet:

  • Bet 3 and lose
  • Bet 6 and lose
  • Bet 9 and lose
  • Bet 15 and lose
  • Bet 24 and lose
  • Bet 39 and win
  • Bet 15 and win
  • Bet 6 and win
  • Bet 3 and win

With the above example, the profit would be £3. As you can see, you move back two steps after every win and you still get a profit and because of this simple fact, you can have more losses than wins and still be in profit.

As with all systems, the Whittaker betting system can become dangerous if you’re betting on red and you get 15 blacks in a row so you should always have a stop loss in mind. As we said higher up, this is a very similar system to the Fibonacci and we already have a very detailed write up on it which you can find at Fibonacci Roulette Strategy.

Pros and cons of the system

The main advantage is the design of the system. It’s done in a way that should statistically always make you a winner, similar to the Martingale betting system.

Similar to the Martingale again, Whittaker’s main disadvantage and the reason why it’s flawed is the infinitive wealth rule and casino table limits. You’ll likely go on a losing streak and either will have no money to bet or casino just won’t allow bets as high.

Now a final note, remember that no system can overcome the house edge. However, the use of any betting systems for Roulette will greatly benefit you in many ways. The most obvious thing is concentration. Popular casinos do not want you to be concentrated that is one of the reasons why so many casinos offer live casino bonuses and free drinks for their players.

They want you to get more comfortable (a little bit drunk), but they also want you to lose concentration and a feel of reality! To avoid all these things, use a Roulette betting system and also implement your limits – have a stop loss and a stop win. Just quit the live casino game, or better, the casino itself when you reach your limits.


Name: How is Whittaker different from Labouchere betting system
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